Growth of Video on Social Media for Businesses

Video has established itself to be a powerful tool used by a lot of marketers to get their message across on social media. Video has also significantly changed how consumers make purchasing decisions these days; actually 96% of them say that videos help them make their purchasing decision especially when buying online. Three quarters of people say that the chances of them purchasing a product online increases if there is a video that accompanies it. They have also become effective tools for brand engagement and connecting with your existing and prospective customers.

Impact of Video on Businesses

Video is a great medium if you want to engage with your customers. 58% of them believe that brands which produce videos are more trustworthy than those who don’t. This is probably due to the fact that by creating videos and explainer videos about your products, you appear more transparent to your customers. This also makes your customers feel like you care enough for them and are making an effort to engage. In the end, this resulted to 71% of customers saying that videos do leave a positive impression of the company on them – no doubt this would be increased if all company videos were created to a high standard. This is particularly important for businesses who are just establishing their business and their brand name. Trust is a hard thing to earn especially with many people already loyal to one brand.

How to Use Videos According to your Industry

Customers across the board agree that they do want to see more videos from brands and businesses that they frequently purchase from. This number is higher for certain industries and lower for others but the fact remains the same: Get on making videos! Hiring a professional video production company can significantly help you create compelling and high quality video that your customers would enjoy to watch. 57% of customers want to see videos from companies who are selling electronic items. A simple how-to or unpacking video can be helpful in this regard. 39% of customers say that they want to watch more videos coming from restaurants. If you are in the food industry, you can release short cooking videos or sneak peek into your operations. 33% of them say they want videos from the health and fitness industry. For this, you can come up with short exercise videos and even short healthy recipes that they can do at home. Educational videos regarding health and food can also fit right in for this category. You can discuss all of this with a professional video production team and they can give you an intelligent opinion on what can work and what is the suggested approach to take.

Content is everything

Lastly and probably the most important point, create a video with compelling content that your viewers would enjoy. This is especially true if you are a business trying to build a customer base. A viral video is a marketing and advertising golden ticket. Make sure that you know your audience and have a clear goal set beforehand.

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