Health And Safety Video: 3 Key Points

Health and safety videos can be a vital part to making sure your employees and visitors understand the risk that may apply on your site, building or to using your product. Sometimes an instruction manual or powerpoint may not be enough, and you want to get the message across through an engaging video with high-quality visuals. We’re here to help you produce a stylish, high-quality health and safety video that’s not only informative, it also doesn’t send people to sleep!

We’ve worked on a number of health and safety video, and they can appear simple of the face of it, however they can have major downfalls in the editing stage if the pre prod and shoot aren’t properly planned. Here’s a few tips on how to plan for your health and safety video:

Pre Plan

  • If the video production company are going to be sent to a site, or be filming a certain product, make sure to have the cleanest and mos
    t presentable option available. Spend some time in thinking about the best option, having to clean the product or site on the day will only eat into the filming time.
  • If you have any specific health and safety requirements that need to be met, share these with the production company as it may help them come up with some creative ideas to effectively shoot certain sequences surrounding a problem.
  • Pre warn people about the filming of a health and safety video. This will eliminate any uncertainty before the shoot, and the opportunity for people to ask questions beforehand.

Attend the shoothealth and safety video

  • Have someone attend the shoot that will be able to check and keep an eye on the health and safety issues. The camera crew will only know so much, and will be able to use common sense to some extent, but there’s only so much you can do in the edit so making it right on the shoot is your safest bet.
  • Keep an eye out for hazards, or things that aren’t right. Ask your production company to bring a field monitor so that you can easily see what’s showing on the camera.

Understand your audience

  • If you’re a global company, or have many nationalities in your company or audience, then subtitles could make your health and safety video accessible to everyone. This would save the hassle of having to produce the video in other languages.
  • Keep the video high level and simple. Going into too much detail may confuse your audience, as long as the essentials are covered off the more detailed problems can be touched on at a later date.

If you’re looking to produce a health and safety video, why not get in touch with one of the team or contact us on 020 7112 8665.

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