How To Make A High Quality Corporate Video

A lot of blood, sweat and tears goes into a high quality corporate video. It’s not just about the script, the amazing shots, the power of the message, but a combination of all these things. To grab the attention, you need something that is going to stand out, whether it’s playing on a smartphone, online or at a busy corporate event.

To start off with, you have to have the right team in place – the people who are going to deliver high quality that carries the intended impact. Choose that team well and everything else should fall into place. With all the great technology available nowadays, there’s simply no reason why you can’t produce a great looking video that wows your customers from the first second.


The assumption often made is that a longer video will be more effective because you can fit all that extra information in. That isn’t necessarily the case. These days, according to the media, attention spans are short. If you take a long time to get to your point, you will likely lose viewers, even if you’re offering the best product or service in the world. If customers watching online, they have a back button to press and most are willing to ignore you if you don’t give them the prime beef they are really looking for.

There is so much competition for our attention nowadays and if you don’t hit the floor running you are going to weaken any impact your message has.

Think about how TV adverts work. They’re usually less than 30-seconds long and designed to get across a message quickly (so much so that it often gets stuck in your head!). Keeping your promotional message simple and focused is key to this. If you have too many ideas bombarding your customer not only will the length of your video increase but it will also shorten the attention span of your viewers.


We understand that many companies need to keep their marketing materials within brand guidelines but sometimes it pays to think differently about how you can promote your company or product. The message is the important thing here and sometimes thinking outside the box and trying an alternative approach can turn a dull video into a high quality corporate video that hits the bullseye time and time again.

Take another look at some of the adverts on TV and see how individual companies work imaginatively within their brand guidelines, or how often they’ll go for a different approach to get the consumer’s attention. Simply doing this might then give you the confidence to actually go out there and break the mould. Taking a deep breath and being bold can often lead to something enduring and memorable that stays in the mind for a long time.


Ultimately if you’re looking to take your promotional video to the next level, finding a high quality corporate video company is key. There’s no point at all in having a great message or idea that falls flat because the company you have chosen to produce the video doesn’t have the skill set, equipment or imagination to implement it. Many a promising idea has fallen foul of bad filming and editing; our advice is not let yours be one of these.

At Holler, we can help you with creative ideas and technical know-how to make your video stand out, make you look good and your company look great! It’s a partnership that is perfectly designed to develop the high quality corporate video your business needs.

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