The Importance of Honest Pricing in London Video Production



The Importance of Honest Pricing
in London Video Production

There’re plenty of companies that would be happy to quote on your job. A good chunk of those would be happy to underprice just to win the job, then add on more costs further down the line. But how do you get that honest pricing for your London video production?

We believe that it’s all in the planning and talking to video production companies at length and in detail around what you’re after. If you get all the details ironed out in the planning and quoting stage, there shouldn’t be any surprises at the end when the job is done.

“We won’t under-quote just to win the job. We’re open and honest with our pricing.”

For us, it’s much better to agree on everything up front, understand what’s involved and what’s achievable. There’s no point working with a company, on your London video production, who are just going to say yes to everything. Then not tell you about the extra costs involved until it’s too late. Make sure to ask questions; find out if any of the changes you’ve made are going to take longer and/or add to the costs. You might be told about an additional piece of kit and want to use it on your London video production – find out if they’ll charge extra for it.

Be open and honest with your video production company and I’m sure they’ll be honest with you. We work very openly with our clients, we always try and quote as accurately as possible and work within budgets – ensuring there are no surprises at the end. Keeping ontop of the production and managing what’s possible is an important skill – we won’t be afraid to bring up the budget and make sure we’re sticking to what was agreed.

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