How Do You Make A Marketing Video For Mobile?

Mobile is having a profound impact on consumer behaviour, with people using their mobile devices to consume video more and more. Mobile consumers are more likely than desktop or TV viewers to watch, share and make more connections with brands. These viewers are actively searching for branded content to help them find instant answers held within video. Therefore, with this in mind, here are some tips to help you with your mobile video production.


Not All Screens Are The Same

Although most video marketing can be viewed over multiple devices, keep in mind that millennials are twice as likely to focus on watching video on a mobile device than viewing it on TV. Over 35 million people in the UK now own a mobile device and they’re using them everyday to watch video. So remember while some may be happy to watch a 15-minute video seated in a comfortable chair for something funny, others trying to do the same on a 3.5 inch screen will lose interest quickly and stop watching.  By keeping the size targeted to your goal, you can begin to create more useful marketing or promotional videos that better serve their purpose.


Dual Screening

In Britain we know we’re a nation of media stackers. If you’re watching something on TV then chances are that you’ll also be on Twitter or Facebook talking about it with someone else. This is good news for marketers, the more mobile devices, the more opportunities to access consumers. By adding links to your social media or website in your video marketing, you’ll be getting more and more people to engage with your brand, and this is especially important as half of the British population is already dual screening.

Keep Them Short And Simple

People no longer have the time to sit down and watch five-minute videos, so as a rule keep them short. Marketing videos that are thirty-seconds or less are more effective in capturing smartphone users’ attention. Short videos that are more entertainment-driven can fit easily into people’s daily lives. If you want consumers to share your marketing video then a shorter video can make it easier to load, play and share with others. If you have loads to say, why not split them up into a series of videos? There are lots of opportunities to reach new audiences and generate more leads for your business, if you want to know how, get in contact with Holler.

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