Create an Emotive Video to Drive Action

To achieve great results with video content marketing, your videos should inspire your viewers whilst also working to inform, entertain or provide helpful advice.

Popular ‘How-To’ videos can achieve high visibility in Google Video Search Results Pages, but emotion-driven video marketing content is responsible for creating genuine feelings from potential brand advocates. Emotive videos elicit feelings and they are the sole driver behind meaningful action which compels your audience to act.

However, the emotional response people experience when watching a video can vary greatly from person to person. For example, a whiteboard video might not be considered ’emotional’ in the traditional sense, however it may prove very engaging to some. Video content that works to drive action is more likely to receive more views and downloads than videos that don’t motivate someone to take action.


Emotive videos can increase ROI

The success of your video ultimately depends on how well your content emotionally connects with your audience. If the on-screen persona, comedy or message effectively makes people like the unspoken character of your brand, then you are succeeding in engaging with your viewers on an emotional level. Triggering such emotions will motivate your audience to complete the desired action, whether it be to buy a product, download an app or sign up for an account, the video is an effective marketing tool that will help increase engagement and ROI.


What kind of emotions will trigger a response?

It is not always necessary to win the hearts of your viewers through flattery or positive content as negative emotions such as greed or fear are also deemed as powerful motivators to compel viewers to take an action. Some companies use hard-hitting advertising, which can utilise an extremely emotional ad to pull on the viewer’s heartstrings in order to instigate a positive brand association. Although there may be no definite or successful formulae to create an emotional video that attracts your demographically targeted audience, it is wise to take professional advice on how to convey the emotional message so it is communicated in the right way.


Creators of professional emotive videos

Take a look through Holler’s Video Portfolio as you will see that all of our videos contain emotive messages, some more subtle than others. It is always important to focus on creating a clear vision of the emotion you want your viewers to feel from the first frame of the video. This emotion can then be further embodied by the story of your video, which stimulates an emotional reaction leading to a call to action by your viewer.

If you are interested in creating an emotive video to drive action and increase your ROI, please get in touch with our video production team of experts at Holler today.

Check out one of our very own emotive videos: