Timelapses are commonly used techniques across all kinds of video formats.

Whether it’s a beautiful sunset or a bustling city street, timelapses are a great mechanism to show the passage of minutes or hours, in seconds.

But what if you want to show the passing of more than just minutes, what if you wanted to show the passing of months or years? Well, that’s where a long-term construction timelapse comes in.


What is long-term construction timelapse?

Construction timelapse photography is a great way to monitor sites and market your services in the construction industry.

A camera is positioned, overlooking the site, and automatically takes sporadic photos across a long period of time. Usually months or years.

Once complete, the images are stitched together in the edit suites and played one after the other really quickly, to give the illusion of video.


Can I do this myself?


Not really. If you just want to capture a few minutes of movement, then sure. But when we’re talking months or years, you need a lot of specialised and expensive kit.

Construction Timelapse

Things like remote monitoring, remote controlling, solar power, remote backup ability, weatherproof housing, and robust security are all required to achieve this goal.

Not to mention a trained engineer and photographer to be on hand to fix any issues with the equipment.


What are the benefits?


For one thing, it can act as a fantastic site monitoring system. Allowing users to easily monitor progress and deliveries to site, making site management much easier.

It’s also a superb marketing tool. Allowing you to visually showcase an entire construction in a matter of minutes or seconds.


Long-term Timelapse? Just Holler


Long-term construction timelapses are a service that we offer here at Holler.

Our team of experienced content creators will not only be able to help you make an awesome construction timelapse, but we can also design a whole range of marketing content around that one timelapse.

Allowing you to get maximum reach and value for money from a construction timelapse project.

Get in touch today to find out more.