A lot goes into the organisation and creation of a successful event. In the moment it’s often easy to get caught up with the event on the day but it’s also important to showcase your event months down the line. It’s sometimes hard to know what you want to achieve from your event video but that’s why we are here to help with that with three easy steps to follow. 


Step One: Goals

It’s important to establish the goals you want to achieve before the event begins. You don’t want the camera crew to be missing the perfect opportunities to get that shot you’re dreaming of. It’s important to remember not everything can be ‘fixed in post’.


Knowing what you want to achieve is key. Your goals could include; the want to sell more tickets next year, to share highlights of the event, to grow awareness within your industry or maybe even make competitors jealous! 


Knowing your event’s unique selling point (USP) is also key and can make your video stand out even more. This may be a big-name speaker, cultural experience or maybe you’re launching a brand new product. It could be a mix of all these things which is great! Your video can be flexible and can show as little or as much as you want. Knowing what you want to capture is the first key step in getting the perfect event video.


Step Two: Creative Vision

So how do you get that vision into the camera? People love seeing people and what better way to show people love your event than showing them having a good time. Capturing people laughing and enjoying themselves always will entice people to want to attend next time.


If you do have that big-name speaker at your event make the most of them by featuring them in the video. Shots of them engaging the event audience alongside their talk will captivate people. 


Here at Holler, our team of experts can be trusted to create a professional event video for all of your needs. Take a look below at our event showreel to see some of the things we’ve done before Who knows, it may spark some ideas for you. (get a pen and paper ready)



Step Three: Know Your Platforms


Once the video comes out of our edit suites it’s important you share your video to the right platforms. We can provide you with multiple outlets including shorter style videos for various social media platforms, longer style formats for your website, YouTube and LinkedIn and even short snippets for Instagram Stories in portrait.

If you’re getting ready to host an event and are feeling ready to get promoting it or have any questions about the service we can provide for your business. Get in touch with our team of experts who are on hand to bring your ideas to the screen through high-quality video production.