How To Produce Successful Corporate Videos

Producing successful corporate videos should be an essential part of your modern day marketing strategy. In order to make successful videos, there are obviously some steps that you can follow.

The first hurdle you’ll need to jump, is the assumption that it’s extremely difficult to create video. In reality, by using a professional and efficient video production company, such as Holler – the stresses of creating a corporate video can be entirely alleviated and you can rest assured knowing to expect great results.

“Ensure that the key message of the video, is clear within the first 10 seconds.

Length of Your Video

Making sure your video is not too long is a good first thing to factor. Although you may have a lot of content that you need to include in your video, it is important that you keep your video short and ideally within 3 minutes, as viewer retention is almost 0% after that.

If you can, plan for your video to be even shorter than this, and work to ensure that the key message of the video, is clear within the first 10 seconds, this way, you can entice the viewer with something they find interesting before they switch off.

Quality is Key

Quality is key. With a high quality, highly polished corporate video, your message is more likely to be taken seriously from the start. To a certain degree, it is incredible what mobile phones can do in the present day, 4K filming, optical zoom, the list goes on – however, there’s a lot more that goes into the end product of your video looking sharp and professional, all of which can’t be achieved by a single mobile device.

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