In these unprecedented times, we understand that tensions are high and questions are being asked – many of which there are few, or no answers for. One thing we do know is there will come a time when we will all be thrown back into “normality”. At the moment, this feels like a lifetime away, but Holler wants to help you get back to business as usual.

Producing videos remotely is not new, but the emphasis has shifted and intensified. Approximately, only 10-20% of each project we work on involves face-to-face interaction, whether a client meeting, or the shoot itself. Our work mostly takes place behind-the-scenes, from the production office, or an edit suite.

We have a seamless production process so your projects to run as smoothly as possible, whether we are in the office or working remotely. Here is a quick walk-through of how we do this at Holler.




Throughout the entire process, from initial contact to completion, the Holler team and client are in constant communication through the use of video conferencing technologies or traditional conference calling. Daily production meetings ensure projects are being managed effectively and clients are kept aware of all progress. Timelines are agreed early-on to manage requirements, such as sharing and collating feedback, ensuring that any amendments are acknowledged and actioned in a timely manner. No one likes a last-minute panic before a deadline!



The first stage is, as it always has been, is finding out your requirements for your video and what you want your video to achieve. This is why we take time to talk to you, explore your ideas, look at previous work and get to know your audience. Creating a complete picture of your business allows our Producers to find a solution that complements your company’s goals.



Our creative team will produce a proposal featuring 3 potential routes of execution for your remote-project. These routes could feature the following solutions:

  • Stock footage
  • Vector animation
  • Existing footage (client owned/supplied)

As developments occur, we will extend offerings to suit the evolving needs of our clients whilst remaining aligned with government advice.




Once all avenues have been explored and discussed, it’s time to start work! But before we can jump straight into making the video, we will produce the following:

  • A mood board to explore your chosen route and it’s creative direction.
  • A script developed by our skilled team of copywriters.

We also present a shot-by-shot storyboard, acknowledging all aspects of the project and offer you a forum to ask questions. This storyboard will become a Bible for our Post-Production team.




There is now a solid understanding of the video and its aims, it is now all about the execution. Our editors and animators will be cutting, compositing and rendering away until the final video, featuring voiceovers, titles, sound effects and music is ready for you to review. We quality control every video to ensure they meet the highest standards. Once complete and signed-off, we digitally deliver the files in any format and resolution required. The files are now yours and ready to use on your platforms and in your outputs.



This is not a new process for us. We do this everyday, and have done for years. Let us reassure your teams that your output doesn’t have to stop due to working remotely. There are ways in which we can support you through this strange time, check out the video below and if you would like to know more about a remote video project, please get in touch.



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