Importance of Including Videos in Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Presently, creating an online video marketing strategy is considered as one of the most efficient ways of connecting with your consumers while relaying useful and valuable information to them. Evolution of marketing trends and technological advancements has made it possible for businesses to invest in the production of interesting and engaging marketing videos at a reduced cost. Resultantly, this has led to an increase in the popularity of online video marketing and marketing videos have emerged out as a core element of digital and online marketing.

The widespread utilisation of marketing videos and the generation of tangible results through online video marketing have led to phenomenal growth and development in the concerned field.

Hence, it may be deduced that it has become extremely important for businesses to modify their marketing strategies for the coming year, in order to incorporate those with the practices of online video marketing. The following points highlight the importance of including online video marketing as a core component of your marketing strategies in 2015.

Increased Effectiveness

Marketing videos are now recognised as compelling marketing tools which have been highly effective for influencing buying decisions, increasing sales and generating leads. Online video marketing has been proven to be a useful source for converting clicks into sales and generating tangible and measurable results. Moreover, it has been also been observed, that consumers today are more inclined towards the purchase of products that are featured along with some video content. Therefore, online video marketing is one of the most effective ways to facilitate the growth and progress of your business. You may also consider the option of the collection of video analytics, which can be relied upon to provide useful insights into consumer behaviour and preferences and you may then design your online video marketing strategies accordingly.

Consumers Prefer Videos over Written Content

With the increasing inclination of consumer segments towards viewing marketing videos than reading written marketing content, most of the businesses are now employing online video marketing as a major part of their overall marketing strategies. The number of online videos viewers is increasing by phenomenal figures and if a business fails to explore the full potential of marketing videos, it is actually missing out on an opportunity to engage a considerable number of existing and potential consumers.

According to experts, in the coming year, 57% of the total internet users are to be comprised of individuals who will be more interested in video viewing, than in any other form of online marketing content. Therefore, it may cost businesses a great deal if they neglect the importance of online video marketing in the coming future.

Growing Role of Marketing Videos in Promotional Email Campaigns

Marketing videos now also have a greater role to play in email marketing campaigns and through the inclusion of these effective tools of marketing into promotional emails, businesses have been able create a greater impact on their target consumers. Promotional emails that have a marketing video have been observed to have more chances of being opened by the consumers and higher click through rates.

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