The Importance of Mobile Video Production

No matter your target audience, videos help you create an interest that is difficult to gain otherwise. Smartphones are most peoples method of viewing and sharing videos online at the touch of a button. Whether you are a start-up business or established company, mobile video production is something you should understand and although it may pose some challenges, it is a way to get your company seen, heard, talked about and shared across the world.

What makes it so important?Social Media Videos

What makes mobile advertising so important is the potential of how far your marketing campaign can go. Advertising on television and print is still profitable but advertising with a mobile friendly attitude is extremely important if you want your customers, potential or existing, to engage with your product which should be the goal of your marketing campaign. The stats show that television audiences are now favouring online platforms. People are watching shows not just on their laptops at home, but on trains, in the car and even walking down the street with phones and tablets. It is a no brainer that developing mobile video strategies and incorporating them into your plan is extremely important.

Mobile Friendly

A few months ago, we posted a blog on Google’s ‘Not Mobile Friendly’ icons, showing how easy it is to be missed on the internet if your company is not prepared for mobile adversing. You qualify as mobile friendly if a GoogleBot can detect certain criteria, like having your links far enough apart so that the correct ones are easily tapped. This shows that understanding mobile experience is vital in your company’s mobile video marketing.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important mediums for affecting the distance that your video can travel and social media usage itself is very much shifting to mobile. There are literally billions of untapped, potential customers that are skimming through their news feeds every day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and countless others. Each social network also now supports promo videos making them a huge platform for your product to get out there and get seen.


Understanding content is essential to your online marketing video. More importantly understanding how your content works on different devices and mediums can make the difference between people watching your video or not. Audiences scrolling the internet on any device are usually drawn in by a video within the first couple of seconds. For example if you put your video on Facebook, and it takes 10 seconds before your video livens up, they will move on almost instantly.


Like most things there is more than meets the eye with mobile video production. With things like geotargeting capabilities, companies can now target consumers based on location which could let you and your business ensure your ads are being shared at the right place and time. Researching the full extent of mobile advertising and all that it has to offer, is extremely important if you want your marketing strategy and your business to grow!

It’s also worth noting that mobile advertising isn’t just a case of making a mobile friendly video and putting it out there. While an ad might be successful in getting a potential consumer to your website, if your landing page is not optimised for mobile devices, many consumers will be likely to leave the page without engaging with it.

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