Corporate Video Production: Improve Your Company’s Internal Communication

Effective internal communication message deliverance could determine the future of your organisation. Not only can these make your team stronger through training sessions and corporate messages, but they can save costs by making travel unnecessary.

Let’s get straight to the point with a bulleted overview of why corporate video production should form part of your organisations collateral:

  • Video internal communications make it easier to absorb intended messages
  • What might take pages of written text to communicate, can be delivered within seconds via video
  • Forget expensive travel for in-person meetings, printed matter or emails
  • Video feels more personal than written material and therefore people react more positively to it
  • No more costly seminars to run, when education and training can be distributed via video
  • Video can be stored centrally for future reference and reuse for induction, training and knowledge sharing
  • It can be made accessible from any device, anywhere there is access to the network
  • Video provides a platform to deliver emotive content that creates improved engagement

As you can see for yourself there are many purposes for using corporate video and reasons for doing so.

Here are what you may want to consider with regards to the uses of corporate video production:


Organisational announcements

The viewers (your employees) are more likely to take on board a message from a video than from a tedious presentation. Teams are now often working remotely from around the globe. Every team member needs to understand any changes that are being implemented and why changes are being made for them to really be effective.

Interviews with upper management and the CEO can create a connection with the rest of the business. It’s possible to replace newsletters and emails with a regular and more personable and friendly video for more transparency, openness and increased morale and loyalty.

Topics such as current development, performance, upcoming events and policy changes can all be communicated in addition to any changes in the marketplace that impact the business. Video also provides a platform for appreciation of high performance.


Training messages and knowledge sharing

It’s time to forget those huge training manuals and the associated cost and storage. With interesting scripts and animated video tutorials, it’s far easier to communicate and demonstrate concepts that would take pages in a handbook. It’s also been proven that details are better absorbed when gleaned from a video rather than read. Employees learn faster and retain more. Learning is no longer boring.Corporate Video Production

It’s also an opportunity for staff to be upskilled across the business and without the associated cost of gathering everybody together. Visuals and graphics can be used to explain complex concepts and processes. Horizontal training and knowledge sharing can be disseminated as employees share their tips to work more productively. Videos can be used time and time again without needing to hire experts.

An ideal method for induction of new employees, they can watch them on a just-in-time basis far easier than reading handbooks. It’s also an opportunity to provide insight into other areas of the business in order to understand the operations as a whole. Health and safety training in addition to employee benefits can be explained in addition to brand reinforcement and messages from the CEO.

Distribution is easy and can be done over:

  • Intranet
  • Internet
  • Email links
  • Large screen projection or on laptop or tablets

As more organisations reap the rewards of using video for internal communications, we believe they will become the number one method of communication. Companies such as Lloyds Banking Group, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, IBM and Airbus are using video in this way.

To find out more about how internal communication videos can be used by your business, contact us today.

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