How To Improve Your Corporate video engagement by using a ‘Call to Action’

With the abundance of video now on the internet, video engagement statistics are now all important, in order to ensure that your content rises to the top of the pile. You could create an amazing video, but unless it is distributed correctly, it is unlikely to be viewed by the audience is deserves.

In this blog, we want to suggest a way that you can attract clicks from your audience. This way of improving engagement with your video is to include a ‘Call to Action’ at the very end of the video. ‘Call to Actions’ (CTAs) can come in an endless variety of forms, some of which we will discuss below.

“Just 3 lines of text which will give your viewer a next step

Simple Contact Details

At the end of your corporate video, you can very easily add your simple contact details. This could be your companies website, best phone number and an email for new enquiries. 3 lines of text which will give your viewer a next step.


You can ask a question to your viewer at the end of your video to entice them into clicking further. You could have something like “want to see more”, “fancy a free quote”, or something else to this effect, giving your viewer a direct way through to your business.


Creating a competition or giveaway gives you a pretty high chance of attracting some clicks. Advertising a generous giveaway is a fantastic way to have your audience create an account with you, providing access to their email address amongst other details.

Free Trial

Similar to the last suggestion, offering a free trial for your product/service is an effective way of enticing costumers to you for the first time. A simple URL link can be added to the end of your video to give the audience this opportunity.

There are many other types of CTAs you can include at the end of your video, however we think that these are some of the best!

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