5 Ways to Increase the Reach of Your Corporate Video Production

If you have spent valuable time and money on creating a slick corporate video, then you need it to pack a punch, and maximise the return on your investment. Below are five simple tricks and tips you can use to guarantee that your content reaches it’s target audience.

Create a Company YouTube Channel

The first step in sharing any corporate video production is to upload the video to your desired host website. As you probably already know, YouTube is by far the most widely-used video sharing website. One of the major benefits of hosting your video on YouTube, particularly for businesses, is that your video will boost your SEO results, thus increasing your online presence.

“Think about what will set you aside from competitors.”

Project Proposals

If sending a proposal to potential clients, think about what will set you aside from competitors. Blocks and blocks of text, or a slick, visually appealing video? Use the video to summarise the information you wish to convey, and then add the finer details with the text that follows. By this point, the client will already be more interested, and impressed that you have gone to the trouble of producing video content.


Given the amount of text-based posts on LinkedIn, video posts on the site have far more of an impact. Similarly to Facebook, video content on LinkedIn will auto-play, hopefully helping to catch the attention of your audience. An additional tip is to add subtitles or sufficient text, as often people watching in corporate environments will not be able to listen with audio.

Website Homepage

Although social media is dominating the thoughts of marketing teams worldwide, the first place any potential client will look remains your company website. On average, people spend over 2.5x more time on pages that contain video, compared to pages that do not. While a video will increase user engagement and interaction, it is also the most effective way to demonstrate and market the services that you offer.

Mail Outs

If your company regularly sends mail outs, or an email newsletter to existing and/or potential clients, think about embedding your video in a prominent position on this. Including video content on an email increases the click-rate by an average of over 40%.

Additionally, add links to your social media channels next to your contact information, to boost traffic and video views. Adding these links will also allow clients without a social media presence to view your content.

If you would like any further advice, or are interested in producing a corporate video production, please feel free to contact us today to see what we are able to offer.