IndieVice: Turn Your Smartphone Into A Cinematic Camera Platform

Most smartphones are already extremely powerful tools. Disney’s John Lasseter believes they could end up becoming the future of professional video production. However, without any video production experience or smartphones shooting in 4K we don’t see them taking the reigns from RED any time soon.

indie vice


It’s the world’s first smart body for any smartphone. Simply insert your smartphone into the device, and you’ll instantly have a high definition quality camera, that can fully utilise the potential of your smartphone’s camera and other mobile camera devices like GoPro. The IndieVice comes with glare-defector, flip screen technology, universal accessory mount, and universal lens adapter. This device will take shooting videos on your smartphone to completely new level. Packed with multiple features including a viewfinder, lens platform and camera cage. Designed for both Android and iPhone platforms, the IndieVice includes a 180 degree swivel cage which can be adjusted to house the lens adapter ring. It also includes a universal accessory mount that can house a GoPro, or even Sony’s QX10 lens-to-camera. With a Bluetooth enabled rocker arm, you can zoom in and out, as well as press start/stop/record.

IndieVice IndieVice-GoPro indievice2


Mobile video

More and more people are consuming and creating video with their smartphones. There’s a rise in video apps such as: Vine, Meerkat and Periscope with their distribution rising just as much on YouTube, Twitter, and recently Facebook, (which revealed in January that it was delivering three billion video plays per day) with 65 percent of views occurring on mobile. Mobiles are now faster, more powerful with much larger screens capable of displaying high definition video, and most mobile networks developing user friendly high quality streaming. The IndieVice looks to tap into this rapid growth bringing together the photography and filming power of smartphones to a whole new level of mobile video production.

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