3 Companies Making The Most Innovative Video Gear


JULY, 2016

3 Companies Making The
Most Innovative Video Kit

The video production industry is one that is changing all the time. One area where things have progressed rather rapidly is video gear. More and more companies are popping up with innovative and ground-breaking kit which is constantly changing the game.

We, at Holler, are always on the look-out for more innovative ways of working. Here are the companies that we think are the most innovative, when it comes to camera gear, in the industry today.

“Nothing gets video professionals more excited that cool kit. We think these guys are making the coolest.”

edelkrone.com/eu | @edelkrone

Innovation is clearly at the heart of the way edelkrone work. They have gained a reputation for creating innovative, smartly designed, and user-friendly video production gear. We like the way that they take traditional and generally accepted pieces of equipment and ‘reinvent’ them into much simpler and more user-friendly products. A prime example of this is their new StandPLUS, which is pitched to be a less complex version of a tripod.

One of our personal favorites is the SliderPLUS. It’s a cleverly designed moving slider, which allows the user to get double the tracking distance compared to sliders of a similar size. At Holler, we’re always looking for more productive and innovative ways of working and Edelkrone are certainly helping us to do that.

dji.com | @DJIGlobal

Over the last few years, DJI have grown to become one of the market leaders when it comes to video equipment. It all started with an affordable mini drone for your GoPro and they’ve now branched off into other areas with products such as the Ronin & Osmo. Their innovations over the years have enabled video producers to capture the type of shots that had previously been unattainable.

DJI’s products really have redefined the video industry. They’ve done more than just make drones and camera stabilisation equipment. They’ve managed to enable users to think outside of the box on the type of content that can be created. They’ve done this through taking complex technology and turning it into user-friendly devices.

DJI products have been at the heart of some of our most successful corporate films; and no doubt will play a huge role in our future productions. When it comes to innovation, these guys are near the top of the tree.

Kessler Crane
kesslercrane.com | @KesslerCrane

Founded by Eric Kessler in 2003, Kessler Crane is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of innovative video gear. They make all kinds of cool stuff such as: camera cranes and jibs, camera motion control systems, camera sliders and dollies, tripods and other camera mounting gear.

Kessler has become renowned for creating high quality, innovative tools for video professionals. One of their most impressive products being the Second Shooter. The Second Shooter is a ground-breaking motion control system. This piece of kit attaches onto a large camera slider and automatically moves the camera up and down the slider. It does this extremely smoothly and extremely quietly. It’s also very compact, which makes it super easy to travel with. It also won’t break the bank, making it one of the more affordable motion control kits on the market.

We can’t wait to see the next big Kessler innovation.


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