Did you hear about the new iPhone?

The upcoming launch of the next generation iPhone (dubbed ‘5S’) and the highly anticipated low-cost iPhone (‘5C’) has been surrounded by so many rumours, it’s getting hard to keep track.

There has been a surge of leaked images providing a tech-news frenzy of rumours from fingerprint scanning to scratch resistant candy coloured casing.

So here’s our quick fire roundup of what the new iPhones may or may not feature:

iPhone 5S

– The next generation, also rumoured to be called iPhone 6, is expected to be largely similar to the 5 but with a few key upgrades.
– Following it’s launch in June, the 5S is expected to be the first model to have iOS 7.
– We’ve also been seeing reports that the 5S will have a fingerprint reader, meaning increased security and added coolness.
– Likely to have Super HD screen display with full 1080p resolution.
– Not only that, but we’re also expecting to see an improved camera in the 5S, with multiple leaked images of a dual LED flash.
– One of the most recent leaked images seems to show a third colour option for the 5S. As well as the ‘Slate’ and ‘Silver’ options currently available for the iPhone 5, it is rumoured that we will be seeing a new ‘Champagne Gold’ colour, similar to the gold iPod mini.

iPhone 5C

– A cheaper version – expected to attract those that like the idea of having an iPhone but can’t afford the £500 price tag and would likely opt for a cheaper Samsung, Sony or HTC model.
– In order to cut down the cost, the 5C is rumoured to have a plastic casing, rather than the aluminium shell currently used on the iPhone 5.
– In order to not loose customers for their flagship smartphone, Apple will likely limit the features on the 5C – an obvious choice for the cut is voice activated assistant Siri.
– The cheaper model will come in a variety of colours, much like the latest iPods. There have been so many leaked pictures and videos relating to this rumour, it’s ether true or people are going to an awful lot of effort to make us think so.
– Fresh from the rumour mill is the buzz of a potential scratch-free plastic casing, suggesting a higher quality than previous plastic Apple products.

Both models are expected to launch on 10th September.

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