Rumoured Dual LED Flash Feature for New iPhone

More iPhone rumours circulate after photo leaked online.

Rumours surrounding the new iPhone 5S and/or 6 have been circulating for a while, but a newly leaked photo has now hinted towards a dual-led flash feature.

LED flash is expected to be accompanied by improved camera optics, leading to better image quality . It is also rumoured to have a number of new features including increased storage, finger print scanner and a larger screen size.

The recently leaked photo shows that the handset looks similar to the iPhone 5, with the same brushed aluminium design – although it has been speculated that the new iPhone will in fact be available in a variety of colours, like the 7th generation iPod Nano and the latest iPod Touch.

Other rumours have suggested a dual release with an updated model, similar to the iPhone 5, and a lower-priced ‘iPhone Lite/Mini’ featuring fewer features and a plastic casing.

It is likely that the new device will be the first to be launched with the newly designed and highly anticipated iOS 7, which was announced earlier this month.

We’re unlikely to hear any confirmation of these rumours until the device, or devices are released, which could be as early as this August – but that, again, is just a rumour!

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