Kickstarter Video Production UK Start Up Guide to Crowdfunding

Using a promo video production company to assist with creating a Kickstarter project is a great way to garner support. Within minimal time, you can introduce your project and tell the whole globe why your idea is so unique with the aid of sound and visuals. 92 percent of mobile video viewers share clips with others and yours can be part of the booming traffic.

An effective Kickstarter campaign has to be planned carefully to get off to a flying start. We’ve compiled a guide on how to prepare an effective video.

Carefully prepare what you want to sayMOKIBOX Kickstarter MP4 1080p v4-5

Make the script flow off the tongue, many Kickstarters are too formal with their words and make it sound like an essay and fail to capture the audience. Consider the viewpoint of the audience; what in your script is going to wow them and keep them watching? Make sure you have covered the key points in the first two minutes of the recording. Introduce yourself, explain what topic the project will address, mention how your project will be a solution, backed up with some statistics and conclude how it will change the viewer’s lives. By covering all angles in two minutes, you have reduced the amount of viewers who have not heard your whole case before they switch over. A well planned shoot can really pay off and save time to keep your investment lower whilst giving you the chance to focus on the creativity of the filming.

Let your passion shine

Most Kickstarter campaigns use visuals to convey the mesMOKIBOX Kickstarter MP4 1080p v4-2sage of the creator. Video will allow your passion for the project to sell your campaign. Forbes reports how Sarah Oliver, of Sarah Oliver Handbags used the opportunity to not only display her products but her enthusiasm as well. Sarah decided that her video should feature the pensioners who knit her bags and her unique business model in addition to her bags. A UK Kickstarter Video Production will enable all of your locations and resources to shine in their truest light. It is important to be genuine in your promo. Successful campaigns have been able to emotionally connect the project creator and the potential investor. The audience will not back someone that comes off as pretentious or arrogant. By showing the integrity behind your project, people will be more likely to help you achieve your goal.

Find Some Assistance

Fast Company recommends finding a responsible team of professionals to assist with the video. The help will relief you of the stress of creating a robust and engaging video and allow you to concentrate on your own skills.

The delegation will allow others to figure out small details such as kickstarter_video_londonlighting, clean audio, high quality visuals and snappy editing. The Kickstarter video is your first and possibly only change to make an impression to a worldwide audience so hiring a promo video production company will enable that the chance doesn’t go a miss. By partnering with a UK advert video production company, you are establishing a long term relationship as you would need visuals for your adverts once you’re successful. Many advert video production companies also do UK cinematic corporate videos so will have your back all the way.

Thinking of using visuals for your UK Kickstarter video production?

Get in touch. We offer a wide range of high-quality production services.  We work from our offices in London and Surrey. Whether its launch adverts or cinematic corporate videos, we film for clients all over the UK, Europe and the world.

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