Why LinkedIn is a Great Place to Share your Corporate Videos London

It’s already had a huge impact, but social media is continuing to grow and the next big trend, video, is about to take over the internet. Everywhere you look video content is becoming more and more prevalent with the popularity of sites like Vine rising alongside internet giants Facebook, Twitter and Instagram incorporating video media into their already successful brands. This shift has lead to many claiming 2014 to be the first true year of the video online and with LinkedIn also changing with these latest developments in May of last year, having also added video capabilities to their site, there now exists the perfect online platform for sharing corporate videos.

According to web information company Alexa Top 500, LinkedIn is now one of the worlds top 25 websites. As a result of their massive status LinkedIn offers businesses and users a fantastic stage on which to share their video content as it acts like a leveller giving businesses, of all sizes, the same exposure. With over 250 million users exploring a website that is currently available in 22 languages the chance is now there to produce high quality content and share it with an audience that grows at a staggering 2 new members every second. This growing audience also includes 30 million students or graduates meaning LinkedIn now also lays claim to one of the largest collections of the next generations workforce. The move towards video content is one that is increasingly gaining traction online and examples can be found almost everywhere.

As of 2014 YouTube boasts an incredible 1 billion unique visitors every month but whereas YouTube has a variety of content, LinkedIn is for professional people searching for new corporate messages and opportunities. With the sites streamlined move into video we now have a channel that gives businesses a chance to specifically talk to the worlds largest online professional community and share corporate videos London in an organic fashion. This chance of spreading a message increases with video as it’s been reported that 41% of adult internet users, still the largest demographic on the web, will share or repost the video content they’re exposed to. This means that your message will go even further than before.

With technology, especially social media, continuing to develop at lightening pace there is a risk of internet fads coming and going but Cisco, one of the worlds largest networking suppliers, recently reported that by 2017 video will account for 69% of the worlds internet traffic. This incredible prediction is an indication of where we are headed.

Facebook and Twitter might currently sit at the top of the social media ladder but they now represent saturated markets with too many members coming from younger demographics. With its mix of professionals, both young and old, LinkedIn now offers the best opportunity for businesses to share their corporate videos in the most responsive environment possible.

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