Location Video Production | 3 Top Tips

We love filming on location¬†and we’ve been lucky enough to film in some seriously cool locations, from Singapore to Sweden, we can sort your location video production stress free.

From our experience there are some top tips to know about when sorting the logistics for an on location video production:

  1. Hiring Locations

    • Hiring locations can be a great addition to your shoot. You may not have the option of your own location for your video production, so hiring can add a real addition.
    • If hiring a location, work with your video production team to source the best locations. At Holler, we’ve got plenty of experience working with some of the top location agencies, and can help find the right location for the shoot.
    • The added bonus of hiring a location is that the possibilities are endless. You can pretty much find any location you’re¬†after, obviously for a price.
  2. Using Your Own LocationLocation Video Production

    • If you’re lucky enough to have the capability to use your own location, then make sure it’s looking it’s best for the shoot. If the location is an office, make sure people are around to make the place look busy, tidy the desks, and make sure to tell the people in the office that filming is going on – they won’t be startled by a video production crew that way.
    • Get the right permissions. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a shoot and being told that most of the location is off limits. Plan in advance and speak to the right people about getting the video production team all the access they need.
  3. Saving Time

    • Logistics for an on location video production can save a lot of time, meaning more filming time.
    • Try and organise parking for the video production crew close by, this way the kit can be uploaded quickly and set up time won’t take too long.
    • If you’ve ever worked with a video production crew before you’ll know they need feeding. If possible, try and sort catering at the location, this way the crew can quickly re-fuel and then get back to filming.

The above is just a few tips on how to tackle a location video production, however the team at Holler are happy to have a chat and talk you through the best options for your project – get in touch today!

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