How Long Does It Take To Make A London Video Production?

Time frames and deadlines are essential to all businesses, which is why it’s understandable that one of the main questions we get asked asked is ‘how long does it take to make a London video production?’

This is a tough question as there is no definitive answer. We tend to tell our clients that it really depends on the scale of the project. Some project can take weeks, while some can be turned around in a matter of days. Each project is different so before we can determine a time frame we need to consider a number of things.

“There’s no definitive time scale. It really does depend on the details.”

Do you have a specific deadline?

The deadline maps out the timeline of the entire project. It normally fits with the brief and the budget that the client discusses with us. If the deadline doesn’t match the brief or the budget it’s our duty to ask for more time or to cut certain aspects of the production to allow for this. We set small milestones for getting certain phases done and we are always in contact with our clients to update them on how we are getting on. The motto here is – be realistic, always stick to a plan.

What is your budget?

One of the major factors in how long a London video production takes is the budget. The budget always differs from project to project. It fits the brief of the film and it gives us a sense of how much we can do for you. From here we can then book certain equipment, crew, cast or editing essentials to meet the brief. If the budget goes over or is under, we always discuss to either add or remove certain components to the video. We will always ensure the budget is only spent on what is necessary for the video.

How long do you want the video?

The desired duration can impact the length of time a London corporate video production is going to take to make. This is because it affects how much content we need to capture – for example we will need more interviews and more cutaway footage for a 20minute film in comparison to a 30 second film.

Where are you going to show it?

We always ask this question because we want the production and post production side of things to match your final output. Where you are planning to show your film can impact a huge range of things when it comes to the final output. Things like the frame shape and size, the recommended duration and filming style all need to be taken into account.

Where/How do you want to film this?

International shoots can take a little longer to organise than national or local shoots. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. With a careful plan we can get things done pretty fast these days. As for the ‘how,’ this is where we come in. Will the film be made using drones to get aerial shots? Will we need to get extra cameras? Will we need to secure filming permissions? We see it that clients also pay us to think, so we get creative and work with others to make the film a creative success.

What is the reason you are making this video? 

It all comes down to this. Before you can start planning the film we have to ask the client the reason they are making this film. This helps both us and the client to focus the whole production process. When this is answered only then can we plan how we will make this film with you.

So in conclusion, how long a corporate film can take depends on the various points listed above. We are perfectionists when it comes to making a film, but we’re also experts as this is what we do day in day out. It’s a product we make from start to finish, similar to a chef growing the ingredients themselves and cooking the perfect dish for their customers. Videos take the time they take, but with some careful planning and organising, asking the right questions, there is scope to create them very fast.

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