So, you’re ready to launch your next product or campaign, but want to showcase it with a great video. Type “London best video makers” into Google and you’ll be swamped. Pages upon pages of agencies and freelancers that have paid their way to the top of the list. It’s a daunting task, finding a supplier that can give you: value, quality, and exemplary service (as well as the video that will make the boss’s head turn).

Let’s take a look at the vital elements in identifying London’s best video makers.



The first place you’ll click to explore is the website – where your initial impression is made. It sounds obvious, but if there is lots of activity: videos, responsive design, unified branding, links to blogs, and social media, you’ll want to explore further, right?

For example, the Holler website greets you with a video focusing on filming during Covid-19 restrictions. This is vital to acknowledge in the current climate. However, this is changed throughout the year. This time next year, the landing page message will have changed (fingers crossed!)

It is really important to keep all web channels up to date. This ensures that we are being responsive to the needs and requirements of our clients and prospects, and building relationships for the future.


London's Best Video Maker Website



Ok, so anyone can build a flashy website. But you need to see the portfolio. Are there examples on the website? Or links to social media channels? Looking at the quality of recent work is a must to finding the best video makers suited to your project. And remember, it’s not just about the number of videos and who they’ve previously worked with. Does the style align with your brand values? And what is it specifically that you want to showcase in your video? Many agencies will create a master showreel featuring all their “best bits” and then provide examples of different video styles for you to look at to illustrate their range and depth.

Holler showcases a wide range of styles in our catalogue and we are always striving to expand our offerings. These range from Product Videos, Social Media Videos, Testimonials, Animations, Event Videos, to more niche styles such as Netflix Documentary style, Defence Sector, or Aviation Videos.



You’ve nailed down a few potential companies that you want to create your video, but it’s also really important to find out what others think about them. Often, the website or Google Reviews will feature testimonials allowing you to see what others have said about their experiences. This often goes beyond “great video”. It is about providing insight into the process and how the agency collaborates with you rather than just the final product.

Holler has been fortunate to work with the likes of BP, CBRE, SPS, and QinetiQ who have all provided glowing testimonials. Testimonials are just a few short words, the proof is that the same clients come back time and again. They trust that we deliver what they need, to a high standard, and within a specific time-frame.


London's best video makers



So far we’ve looked at tangible elements that given enough knowledge, most people can achieve. However, by far the most important part is the people. Having a team passionate about their craft, always striving to push the envelope, and committed to making creative, high-quality video will make the production process a dream.

Video production is a business built upon communication. It is essential: from setting up initial briefings and planning, through to the production itself. Being able to verbalise what you want to achieve and providing as much detail as possible is really important. You are not expected to know everything about how to make the best videos, that is our job.




During the Covid crisis, Holler has had to be agile and adapt to the ever-developing situation. We have utilised alternative solutions to keep productions moving throughout the government restrictions. From remote shooting to bespoke stock videos and animations, to actually getting physically back into the studio in a Covid-compliant manner to provide the best quality for our clients.


If you want to know more about our bespoke video solutions, contact London’s best video maker, Holler.