London’s still the home of corporate video production with more than a million enterprises in the city, everything from large corporations to SMEs and start-ups. Between 2010 and 2020, nearly 40,000 businesses were added to the list and the capital remains a big attraction for many sectors and industries. 

It’s no surprise therefore that London is still the home of corporate video production in the UK. Here we look at why this is the case and how the industry is continuing to thrive and grow. 

What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos cover a wide range of visual communications and company messaging, separate from traditional advertising. They are often created for a specific audience rather than customers – for example, they might highlight the brand and what it means, show stockholders what the future holds for the company or demonstrate what a great place the business is to work for recruitment purposes. Corporate videos can also include internal training and support content. 

There are several advantages of working with a corporate video production team in London over and above a local one. These include: 

  • The top talent tends to be attracted to major hubs such as big cities. London continues to have an outstanding reputation for video production and that’s why many creatives move there and work for top-performing companies like TechTV
  • London also has plenty of resources. It’s not just the amazing locations but access to renting locations and props. There’s also a widely available resource of freelance talent that allows video production companies in London to be a lot more flexible than perhaps in other areas. 
  • Because you find some of the top companies in London, production companies often have more experience of creating corporate videos at a high level as well as for SMEs and start-ups. 
  • A lot of the magic for corporate videos happens in the post-production stage when shots are edited, audio added and the finished film is produced. London has greater access to a wider range of designers, directors and editors than most other locations. 

Why Video Production Companies Are Attracted to London

The simple reason is that London is seen as a major hub for corporate video production and has for a long while. Setting up in the capital can mean that production businesses attract more attention because this is the location companies from around the globe are looking to hire their teams. 

Most of the top talent in video production and marketing is either working here or has at some time. It’s a great place to build experience and build a global customer base. 

Find a Corporate Video Production in London

There are a lot of things to consider once you decide to hire a corporate video production team in London. The most important is trust. You need to be sure that the business you are partnering with has the right tools at its disposal, understands what you require and can deliver at a reasonable cost. 

The top teams have complete transparency and will work closely with their clients to ensure they are fulfilling their brief. They’ll ask questions and, more importantly, come up with the right answers. 

London is a good place to start your search because it is home to so many great companies and the city is easily accessible with good travel connections and local amenities. The best video production teams get to know your business in great detail so they can deliver on your vision. 

If you are searching for a corporate video production partner in London, contact the talented team at TechTV today.