How To Make A Corporate Marketing Video

As many of you might have noticed, visual content has become increasingly important especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. If you can get your message across in a corporate video, you have a winning marketing video in your hand. The problem is that most businesses stick with the conventional and already tried and tested structure and themes for their marketing corporate videos. If you really do want to catch people’s attentions, you have to breakout of the norm and become a trendsetter. So check out our guide on how to make a marketing video.

There are plenty of resources online where you can get an idea about what an effective marketing video should be like. However, because of the fact that we have worked with a lot of businesses over the years and taken care of the production aspect of their marketing videos, we thought why not give our readers some tips on how to make your marketing videos.

Animated videos are the next big thing

Have you ever noticed how almost every brand are touching upon animated marketing videos for their products at one point or the other? This is because animated videos, whether in the form of explainer video or animated characters, are engaging and fun to watch.

Content is king

It is very important that your marketing video does not only pitch your products to the viewers but also includes information about the product. Tell your viewers facts that they might find interesting but in a new, fresh way. Take time to discuss the content and what you want to go into it before actually starting the production. Brainstorming is very important when it comes to making marketing videos and helps point your video production company in the right direction from the get go.

Don’t rush the video

After brainstorming what type of content that you want to put in your marketing video and what sort of format it would take, it’s time for you or your company to draft the script. Many businesses make the mistake of rushing the video and trying to compress too much information in a very short video. This is turn, will confuse your viewers and none of your message will be relayed to your viewers properly. In order to avoid this, you should be able to pick and choose only the most relevant information that you think you must add in your video. You have to accept that some things will have to go.

Keep things simple

Now don’t confuse simple with boring or dull. Some of the most intriguing ads are the simplest. Keep your marketing video simple and straight to the point in order to avoid complications during the production process and also to mitigate any possibility that your viewers might misunderstand your marketing video’s message. Make sure that the theme and the format is not distracting your viewers from the message that you are trying to send. Be careful with the colours and music that you use as well. If you have good talking points, you do not necessarily have to go all out when it comes to the production aspect of the video.

Test run the video by your prospective customers

Testing, revising and testing again is the rule of thumb when it comes to effective marketing. What your prospective customers think is vital to your businesses’ success. One way you can ensure this is by knowing what a some of them think about your marketing video (basically giving your video a dry run to see how it goes down). Show your video to a group of possible customers and get their feedbacks. From their feedbacks, try to improve on your initial version of the video and test it once again until it’s good to go. Also don’t be afraid to show your friends and family to see what they think.

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