Mobile App Promo Video: What You Need To Know

People are relying on their mobile devices more and more these days, checking them the moment they’re awake, and again throughout the day. On average we pick up our phones 85 times a day, spending endless hours browsing the web and more importantly, interacting with apps.

Here’re some tips on creating a mobile app promo video and how it will help you:

  1. Don’t give too much away – Keep the video top level, draw customers in, and keep them wanting to find out more. If you give them all the info in the video, you’re giving the viewer the chance to make a decision before discovering more, or even downloading the app for a trial
  1. Understand your audience – If you’re promoting a child’s game, make the video simple and easy to understand. If you’re aiming for the high-end market, give your video a high-end crisp and stylish feel.
  1. Get it seen – Be sure to have a branded YouTube page where you can show off your video. Upload the video to your social media channels, if uploading to Facebook, make sure to upload the video direct to your page rather than an external link. This will ensure it’s played automatically and will keep them engaged with your FB page.



Mobile App Promo VideoSo you should to be very selective with what your mobile app promo has to offer. Think about the cost of setting up a video ad, even if budget is not an issue, you may want to think twice about the message you are putting out there in your mobile app promo video. Your video ad should appeal to the subconscious and not the conscious mind. It should be captivating; it should be easy to understand, friendly in nature and above all communicate the intended message.

The audience is one of the most important aspects to consider when setting up a mobile app promo video. You don’t want to use terms and phrases suitable for an adult audience whereas your target audience is kids. Research is critical; you must know your audience. You need to know who your audience are, what do they do? Where do they go to? Where do they come from? Why do they need your product? What type of mobile phone do they use? Ask yourself if you will buy your product. If the answer is no, then go back to the drawing board.

You should share test videos with trusted friends and colleagues to get their opinions. If there isn’t a shortage of funds, consider consulting video experts and marketing professionals on their views on your video before concluding on a release date.

Once you are satisfied with the mobile app promo video, get it seen by the world. There are loads of video sharing platforms today where you can upload and share a video. Once you have successfully uploaded your video, share it across all your social media platforms and encourage others to like and comment to boost rankings. Don’t link the video via an external link, ensure to embed the video in your social media profile rather than an external link. It will ensure viewers spend more time interacting with your social media page. Also, if the video gets shared, your page will be mentioned every time the video is shared.

The purpose of every ad is to raise awareness, get the message out to your audience and change lives. If you can achieve this, then you have succeeded in your ads campaign.

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