Mobiles: Play Right Into Their Hands

We recently went to the Dell B2B Huddle #smwb2b at Microsoft HQ as part of Social Media Week #smwldn.  Some really good speakers there and a couple of things we took away that really chimed.  One was about mobiles – smartphones in particular.  If you’ve got one, think about it for a minute.  It’s the one device that is ultimately and intimately personal.  It probably has all your details and passwords stored; email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc as well as personal photos and all your contacts.  So that means that you don’t share it.  You might show someone a picture on it or an email but you’ll be wanting it handed back pretty soon.  We carry them everywhere and panic when they go missing.

So, you might be saying, what’s the point?

The point is that here you have a device that gets directly to the person you’re after, whether CEO or Sales Director.  That’s a really interesting prospect for video makers like us who are ofter asked to make business and company videos designed to influence people to buy.  iPhones, Android and Blackberry handsets all now handle video really well (esp from YouTube and Vimeo) and we’re now starting think more about how our corporate films look on those devices and we now offer clients a mobile version of their finished video or film.  We’re already big fans of using iPads to view video content.  We use one in our own meetings to show off our portfolio.

So, if you’re in marketing, think of the power of the mobile.  It’s a route straight into the hands of the people you want to impress.


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