What Motion Graphics Can Add To Your Video Production


AUGUST, 2016

What Motion Graphics Can
Add To A Video Production

Motion graphics can really add production value to your video. More and more we’re seeing text or motion graphics added to videos. What’s really useful is to think about how your motion graphics can enhance the video, and not just be an afterthought.


To some casual onlookers, motion graphics could be considered as merely a fancy way to add illustration to a video. However, they’re so much more than that, and a lot more important. They can be fundamental in helping to drive home the key messages of your video.

“A stylish way to convey your key points”

Use Motion Graphics To Drive Key Points

The main benefit from a content marketing perspective is that they allow the video to convey much more information to the viewer than ordinarily possible. When we say information, we essentially mean data.

The mere mention of the word ‘data’ can be an instant turn-off, and this is certainly when it comes to marketing. However, often the meat-on-the-bone of any sales pitch is in the detail – the data. This means you need to get as much detail to the viewer in a way they can understand in as shorter time as possible. It also needs to be presented in a way that is easy for them to understand and, better still, allows them to visualise it.

Motion graphics will allow you to do this. You can communicate the key point, or points, for your video to the user, cutting a long and potentially dry video production in to a short, sharp and focussed one. The final video becomes condensed but visually appealing, and much more likely to be successful.


Drive Home Your Message

Of course, while motion graphics in video productions often mean visualising data in a user-friendly way, often the focus of a video can be much simpler. For example, the video may need to hammer home a certain word, or collection of words to the viewer, or potentially some sort of logo.

Motion graphics again allow you to do this in a way that old-fashioned subtitles just cannot do. An animated word or message popping out on screen will not only grab the viewers’ attention, but also leave them in no doubt as to what they’re watching and what the point of the video is.


Professional Motion Graphics in Video

The final benefit to discuss when it comes to the inclusion of motion graphics in videos is to get the professional look. If you’ve shot your video with high-end equipment, edited it stylishly and scripted it perfectly, the last thing you want to do is throw some ugly text or graphics on there.

Adding professional motion graphics to a video production will help lift a video, no matter how short or basic the video is. They can also be simple, but if they’re done well they can look spectacular, as well as deliver those benefits that we have discussed already.




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