Olloclip Studio: Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Own Mini Photography Studio

Olloclip has fast become known as the GoPro of clip on lenses for your smartphone. So it’s easy to forget that only four years ago it got its start on Kickstarter. The company isn’t stopping, recently announcing another Kickstarter Campaign to launch a whole new product. Called the Olloclip Studio, a modular iPhone case system can enhance your mobile video production.

The Studio system is a hardier version of its predecessor the “Ollocase,” the case allows you to attach numerous lenses within seconds. On the back of the new case you’ll find a new innovative rail system. The moulded plastic allows you to quickly attach and position all the different parts that come with the accessory kit, without adding any unnecessary bulk to the case.

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Along with the Studio Case, Olloclip Studio includes an artistic suite of accessories so mobile video creators can get the most out of their iPhone camera. The kit comes a “finger grip,” two different tripod mounts (for portraits or landscape), two “cold-shoe” adapters that are for attaching a light or shotgun microphone, and a mini kickstand. Out of these new additions, the most interesting feature is the finger grip. The grip works regardless if you’re holding your phone landscape or portrait. Consisting of two curved strips of plastic that arch outwards from the back of the case, the finger grip clicks easily onto the rail of the case. The grip eliminates any worry that comes with grabbing the edges of an iPhone for mobile video production. The Studio’s finger grip gives you more security at arm’s length than just about anything, except for the selfie stick.

The popularity of selfies has escalated rapidly over the last few years, with more and more people using the mobile devices to capture and create unique video content. The Olloclip Studio attempts to create an all-in-one solution for these people, and for under £100, this looks like it could be the go-to device for creating on the go mobile video content.

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