Online Adverts | Some Useful Tips

Online adverts are a great way to shout about your company, and share the content via various channels including your website, Facebook page, Twitter and even your own blog. The interesting thing about video is that it’s a chance for you to engage with your audience, without being pushy, for a sustainable amount of time. People are now spending more time watching digital video than they are interacting with social media. Combine the two, and you have a great platform to promote your online adverts, and brand.

Here are some useful tips on creating great online adverts, and taking them to the next level.

Be bold with your idea

The best videos are the ones that are remembered and people want to share. That comes from creative pre-planning and making sure the idea is bold and will make a statement. Think outside the box, and build an idea from a strapline. Make sure to share that idea with your video production company as they’ll be able to help you develop that idea and help you understand what is achievable for your online advert.

Don’t think too literally

Your video doesn’t need to tell the viewer everything, you’ve got the knowledge to inform them about everything, you just need the viewer to come away interested and want to find out more. If you give the audience every little bit of information, then there’s nothing to discuss. Suggest things, rather than tell people information. Be metaphoric with your thinking and usually the visuals produced will be much more interesting than information overload.

Be visible

If your company doesn’t have a YouTube page, set one up. To have a successful online advert, it needs to be easily viewed and shared. From YouTube you can share your video across your multiple social media channels, and even embedded the video on your website. Make sure to upload an impactful thumbnail, take the best shot from the video and use that, this will grab the viewer and entice them to watch.

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