Online Marketing Videos: What Makes Them go Viral

When online marketing videos go viral, you can find yourself pleasantly surprised by the results. Your brand will gain greater exposure and your telephone will ring with enquiries.

The word ‘viral’ is one of those buzzwords that gets used a lot when it comes to online video content. But understanding what viral actually means is a key part to it. Viral doesn’t necessarily mean 5 million views in a week and shared thousands of times, it’s a lot about the maximum exposure the video can earn.

Setting out to make a viral video isn’t possible and anybody who says that they can isn’t being honest. The best approach is to go all out to improve the odds and equip it with the most positive traits and set up to enable it’s possibility.

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In our video production company, we don’t define a viral video by how many views it’s had, or by how many shares it’s had, it’s more about what audience exposure it’s gained. If it’s been doing the rounds in your target market, all the better.

Word of mouth is something that plays a powerful part in how far a video reaches in its online web 2.0 and social media journey. There are also other lesser known ways to help a video reach further to more viewers. Ideally, these viewers will be people who are more likely to watch it and socially engage with it.

In our world of online marketing videos, we use the word viral to define the act of serving video content to the right audience and our brand supporters who proliferate the advancement of that content on and off social media.

If you’re looking for your online marketing videos to have the best chance of getting maximum exposure contact us today.

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