Why Online Video Marketing is Important

If you are really serious about your business’s marketing strategy, you should know by now that one of the most effective tools these days are online videos. However, there are a couple of things you have to consider before joining the online video bandwagon such as: Who are your audience? And will an online video suit your brand? The online video marketing strategy is not for everyone that’s for sure. But it’s still worth knowing its significance to current marketing trends.

Online Videos are Easy to Share

This is one of the biggest reasons for the success of online video marketing as a marketing strategy. If you want to reach as much audience as possible, creating a video for your brand is definitely the way forward. Nowadays, watching videos is no longer confined to a fixed TV set or laptops. People can now watch videos on their mobile devices and easily share the video on their social media pages or directly to their friends and families.

It is true that not everyone has the time to or enjoys watching videos but that’s only a matter of how you device your marketing strategy to ensure that it reaches your target audience. People react better to content that is engaging and informative. Both of these can be effectively incorporated in a well thought out online video.

Online Videos Evoke Feelings

Videos can evoke the feelings of its viewers, may it be positive or negative. That is the beauty of videos. If you put out a video that people can relate to or draw emotions out of them, there will be a greater tendency for them to share your video or even buy your product. The feelings significant to marketing that a video can bring out of its viewers are:

– Arouse Curiosity

This is every marketer’s best friend. You want people to be curious about your product, you want them to look you up online or visit your store. Your online video, depending on its theme can make people curious and excited about your product. Teasers or controversial videos can generate conversations amongst consumers especially online. This strategy has effectively worked for brands such as Apple or the pop sensation Beyoncé.

– Establish Trust

Online videos that feature testimonials from your previous customers or celebrities can increase the level of trust potential customers will have on your brand and your product. Through online videos you can give your viewers a feel of how you do business and why they should trust you.

– Build Confidence

People love relatable content. It retains your product better in their memory this way. When your audience can identify with the message of your online video, you are slowly building their confidence on your product. Online videos put forward an image of your business and in this very competitive marketplace we have these days, this can sometimes be the difference between you getting business out of your audience or giving it away to your competitors.

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