Staff Picks: Our Favourite Films To Watch At Christmas

It’s no secret that here at Holler, we just love all things video! It’s also no secret that during this festive time of the year, there is a certain genre of movies which take over our screens, Christmas movies.

We have gone around the office and asked some of our team what their go-to Christmas movies are, and why they love them so much. 

Joel – Elf:

Production Assistant Joel’s favourite Christmas film is Elf, this is one that we all know and love, but why has Joel picked it out as his favourite?

“Elf has a perfect combination of festivity and humour throughout. I love the scene where Elf (Will Ferrel) is bouncing around on a trampoline inside his New York apartment. It’s also cool to see Santa and his sleigh flying around the city, it must have been a fun film to make and it never fails to get me into the Christmas mood!”.

Jack – Home Alone

Production Assistant Jack’s favourite Christmas film is the first Home Alone. He says “who doesn’t dream about laying booby traps around their own house!?” Also, this is obviously Joe Pesci’s best performance…

If you know anyone who is bang into their films, then this is a great little gift idea.

Brad – Jingle All The Way

Our Senior Producer Brad’s favourite Christmas film is Jingle All The Way, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Brad says that “Arnold is the don and the sarcasm in the movie is on point” that’s a good enough reason for us!

Roxy – Love Actually

Producer & Chief Editor Roxy’s favourite film to watch at Christmas is Love Actually. She says this is because it’s funny, heartwarming, and Hugh Grant’s dancing reminds her of Senior Producer Brad at the annual Christmas party! We’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not …

Duncan – Muppets Christmas Carol

One of our producers Duncan’s favourite Christmas film is “Muppets Christmas Carol” He loves it because it was one of the first films he ever went to see as a child, which brings back good memories. His favourite scene is the moment where Scrooge shouts “unemployed!” at the muppets. We’ll never know why.

Matt – The Italian Job

Managing Director Matt’s favourite Christmas movie is The Italian Job. For him he says “it’s always on at Christmas and I love the cars in it!” It’s a shame about that Lamborghini at the start though.

Simon – The Grinch

Finally, another one of our producers, Simon votes for The Grinch as his favourite Christmas film. He loves it for the nostalgic feeling it gives him, reminding him of young Christmas Eves in front of the fire, how lovely.

Well there we go, these are our go-to Christmas films, what are yours? From all of us here at Holler, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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