How to Stop Your London Video Production From Dating



How to Stop Your London
Video Production From Dating

One of the most frustrating things for marketers is when their content becomes outdated. Unfortunately, it’s something that will happen to all videos sooner or later. Technologies advance and trends move on meaning that at some point or another, your video will look outdated and will need updating.

What’s frustrating is when the video becomes outdated before it’s time; and even more so when it was due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, you can’t predict the future so you’ll never know when a video will hit its sell-by-date. But there are a few things that will date your video and you should consider before you go ahead with your video.


“It’s all about understanding what will age your video the most significantly.”

Including Employees – Quite often businesses will include their employees in their videos, especially if they want to introduce the company and its services. Whilst businesses don’t like the idea of losing important members of staff, it does unfortunately happen. So if you include employees in your London video production, and then one of those people leaves the company further down the line. Your video is now dated. That’s not to say you shouldn’t include employees in your video, but you should be aware of before filming.

Technology & Software–
Another factor that can date your video is the inclusion of technology & software. Obviously, if it’s a product video or is based on your company’s product, then the video will only last as long as your product. So as soon as you update the product, the video would need updating too. But we’ve often seen videos that have used phones and tablets as props, which also ran very old operating software, that date the video heavily. If you’re watching a video in 2016 and it’s showing someone using an iPhone 4, then it’s going to look outdated.

– Like a lot of things in video production, different styles of animations come and go in trends. Which means that if you’re thinking about getting an animation made, maybe you should be thinking about what the next trend is going to be. Wouldn’t it be typical that, as soon as you get your animation made inline with current trends, it’ll move on to the next trend. If you’re unsure about what’s trending, speak to your video production company. They’ll be able to help you out with ideas and will have a good idea of where things are going.

Unfortunately, all videos have a shelf life. No video will last forever. So whilst there’s nothing you can do to prevent it going out of date, there are at least a few factors you can consider to help maximize the shelf life of your video.

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