Panasonic GH5: Is It Worth Upgrading To?



Panasonic GH5:
Is It Worth Upgrading To?

We’re huge fans of Panasonic gear here at Holler. The current Panasonic GH4 regularly features on a lot of our shoots. In fact it’s hard to think of a shoot where we don’t take it with us. It’s lightweight, shoots crisp looking video, can shoot in slo-mo and shoots up to 4K.

So, as you can expect, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new kid on the block; the Panasonic GH5.

Last month Panasonic officially revealed the new GH5 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. Similarly to the GH4, it seems like the main focus has been on video. Which is great for people like us. So what can we expect from the new GH5? Is it something that GH4 owners should upgrade to? Or will it not be worth it? Read below for a glace at some of the main features.

“We love Panasonic products at Holler. We’re really excited to see what the GH5 brings.”

Similar Body Shape – Whilst not the most exciting feature on this list, it does mean that people can expect all of their current batteries and accessories to also fit the GH5. Which is super convenient for those of us who have invested in a lot of extra add-ons to the GH4.

 It shoots 4K at 60fps – The GH4 received a lot of praise when it was released, as it was one of the first cameras to feature 4K 30p/25p filming. The GH5 has taken that one step further by offering 4K recording at 60p/50p.

More Lenses – Panasonic has also announced an increased line up of their Micro 4/3 lenses, featuring a wide 8-18mm, a standard 12-60mm and a telefoto 50-200mm. All of these at f2.8 – f4.0.

6K Burst Photo Mode – The new GH5 will also have a photo burst mode that can shoot up to 6K photos. This is great news for action photographers, giving them a wide selection of 18MP stills to choose from.

10 bit 4:22 – If all that wasn’t exciting enough, also seeing that there will be 10 bit 4:22 available internally in an affordable camera body, that you can adapt to mount pretty much any lens you like, is a pretty big upgrade.


There’s no doubting that there are a lot of exciting new features coming with the new GH5. Features that, we think, are certainly worth upgrading for. The GH5 isn’t due to hit stores until mid-2017, so we’ve still got a fair amount of time to wait until we can get our hands on it.

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