Panasonic VariCam LT: Smaller Super 35mm VariCam Revealed

We love our Panasonic cameras here at Holler and it looks like they’ve just released a new model for us to get excited about. The VariCam LT.

Panasonic have released some great cameras in previous years, including mirror-less DSLRs such as the GH3 & GH4 and the ‘prosumer’ AF101, which paved the way for other great cameras such as the Sony FS7 & Canon C300. They then released the VariCam 35 in 2015, which then became their flagship camera. It boasted stunning image quality and a whole host of high-end studio features. The price reflected this too, coming in at around $55k.

Enter the VariCam LT.

The VariCam LT is a 4K cinema camera that combines the sensor and processing technology of its big brother, the VariCam 35, into a much more lightweight and affordable package.

Some of it’s more notable features include:

  • Can shoot 60fps in 4K
  • 2K crop up to 240fps
  • EF lens mount offers wide range of lens choices (plus optional interchangeable PL mount)
  • Integrated ND Filters
  • Detachable LCD menu
  • Custom LUT files uploadable via Wi-Fi.
  • In-camera grading
  • Same sensor as VariCam 35
  • Lightweight (2.7kg)
  • Single Operator (similar handle to FS7)


It’s due to start shipping at the end of March 2016 and it’s being reported that it will have a RRP of around $18k. That’s for the body only. Then it starts getting expensive if you want some of the add-ons. $6k for the viewfinder, $2k for a 256GB card and $1.5k for the shoulder pad to name but a few.

So it’s clear that the VeriCam LT’s quality does come at a price. It does all start to add up and before you know it you’re nearing $30k. However you are still getting the performance of a VeriCam 35 in a more company system.

So we will have to see if the proof is in the pudding when they start shipping in March.

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