Why People Stop Watching Your Corporate Video Production



Why People Stop Watching Your
Corporate Video Production

When you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of having a corporate video made for your business, the last thing you want is for people to stop watching it in a matter of seconds. But it does happen, unfortunately.

You want the viewer to be watching your video from start to finish; so they’re soaking up all the information and, ideally, leave them feeling compelled to find out more about your company. But for various different reasons people will drop off at different points in the video.

“The key is to think about what would make you stop watching a video”

Understanding what makes people lose interest in your corporate video production can give you an insight as to how they could be better engaged next time around.

It’s too long –
Think about when you watch a video online. The first thing a lot of people do is look at how long the video it is. Sometimes people will start watching a video, see that it’s 5-6 minutes long, and then just give up because they can’t be bothered. Keep your video concise and to-the-point. Some people will even be put off by the long duration before they even click on the video. So that’s more lost views and lost customers.

 Too Much Information – This kind of goes hand-in-hand with videos that are too long. But having too much information doesn’t strictly mean the video has to be long. Including too much information in your video can be overwhelming for the viewer and it can lead to boredom. You’re better off teasing your audience with little bits of information that will leave them wanting to find out more.

The video is boring
– Probably the most common reason why someone stops watching your video; it’s boredom. Unfortunately, people’s attention spans are shrinking more and more each year and so is their impatience for boring content. If your corporate video production is boring, why should they watch it when there is so much other exciting content out there. Things which can make your video boring are; flat image, lack of colour, poor music selection and lack of things happening on screen.

Unprofessional Look & Sound – This is another big factor when it comes to people dropping off of your video. People will assess the quality of your video within seconds, so it’s vital that your video is of the highest quality. We’re not just talking about gorgeous visuals either. Sound is just as important and video. Think about it, if you watched a film at the cinema, but the sound was awful quality, you’d probably walk out. It’s the same with your online corporate video production. People are more likely to put up with poor quality visuals than they are poor quality sound.

Ultimately, you can’t always control reasons why people will stop watching your video. Other factors will cause people to drop off that you have no control over. Things ranging from poor internet connections on the viewer’s end or simply that they were interrupted whilst watching it. But by understanding the points listed in this blog, you can do your best to make sure that they’re not dropping off because of the video.

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