What Are Pre-Roll Ads & How Effective Are They?

Pre-roll ads are the short ads that appear before you can watch a video you are streaming. People who frequently watch YouTube videos are familiar with this. After 5 seconds of watching the video, you are given the option to skip the ad and proceed to watching your video. Pre-roll ads are also called in-stream ads. In order to gain something out of your pre-roll ads, it’s very important that you put out content that would grab people’s attention and make them want to look you up.

Creating an Effective Pre-Roll Video

There are plenty of ways to create a pre-roll video that works. However, it is more difficult to catch people’s attentions when you are advertising in-stream because they already have a pre-conceived notion that your ad is interrupting their videos. The task to make people watch a pre-roll video becomes more difficult due to this. Some companies create multiple videos for pre-roll ad campaign purposes.

It is crucial that you understand how important it is to be able to create effective pre-roll ads especially if your rival businesses can’t. If this is the case, you can rely on pre-roll ads alone to generate you a lot of traffic and business as well.

Animated videos: Animated videos are a hit for one reason – they are fun to watch. Let’s face it, animated cartoons appeal to people of all ages. They can easily catch the attention of the viewers and at the same time, relay your message. Some of the most successful pre-roll adverts in UK are animated videos.

Explainer videos: Explainer videos have seen a considerable spike in its popularity over the years and that is because people, specifically consumer are hungrier for information. People are more sophisticated nowadays when it comes to making purchasing decisions. They want to know as much about a product as possible and explainer videos are the most effective type of pre-roll ad for this purpose. They are short, engaging and informative.

Tips for Successful Pre-Roll Adverts in UK:

The success of your pre-roll adverts lies on these five key elements. A good company will help you come up with a pre-roll ad that will reach out most effectively to your prospective clients.

Keep it short – The success of your pre-roll ad relies heavily on its length. Keeping to too short may compromise your message and on the other hand, if you keep it too lengthy you risk losing your viewer’s attention.

Inspire Viewers – People like to hear about success stories and real human stories. People are more likely to watch and share videos that touch them and evoke their emotions.

Be different. – Almost everyone these days is using the same structure and theme for their pre-roll ads. Dare to be different and experiment with storylines and format.

Be informative – YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google which also happens to be their parent company. Take advantage of this and give viewers as much relevant information as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time and in the most engaging way possible.

Do something interesting – Viewers are tired of having to watch the almost identical pre-roll ads. You can appeal to viewers more if your content is unique and different. Conduct some prior research and try to find out what kinds of videos people love to watch and share.