Pro Snowboarder Drops Everything For The American Dream

Brad Brad Shenton

Assistant Producer

Bio: I love all things adventure. Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Racing, Bikes and anything else that gets your heart pumping. In my spare time you’ll mostly find me searching the web for that new Blueprint skate clip, or that bigger powder run from John Jackson. I’m more comfortable in the winter months and I have an over eager obsession with VW.


Everyone has different goals in life; some want to be famous, some want the traditional family and white picket fences and some just want to make videos – like us! Mike Basich had, what some people would call, the ‘Dream Life’. He was one of the first boarders to become professional and be recognised globally. He had the money, cars and a house with over 4,000 sq feet. But for him it was only taking up time, not actually doing much. This is the part of the story that really excites me, he took a back seat from professional snowboarding to be more in touch with nature. He wanted to get away, in the middle of nowhere, with amazing scenery around him and just photograph everything.

Out In The Open

This video is one of the best house tours I have ever seen. From the drone shots, to the amazing seat/shower combo to the surrounding land – you could pitch up pretty much anywhere with a camera and get a good shot. Check it out below!


The Ultimate Selfie

There’s one thing that Mike Basich has always been renowned for – a selfie. He’s always been a lone rider, carving through the powder in the outback mountains, so he’s always had to rely on himself to capture pictures and video footage. He started out shooting himself with just a 35mm film camera and a tripod and still uses this method, however he does have a set up – a chest harness with a Sony F-7 attached. He even created a Kickstarter page to fund his book ‘The Frozen Chase’ which is a collection of his self portraits from the past 15 years. Check out some of the collection below.


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Thanks To GoPro, Mike’s Life Is Now Much Simpler!