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Product videos are a great way to show off your product, and bring them to life, especially if you’re an online only company.

They provide your customers, and clients, a detailed look at your product before purchasing and they also give you the chance to shout about some key features in a stylish way.

There are, however, some key elements to ensuring that your videos are awesome and do your product, or products, justice. Here’s a few important points to factor in before starting the process of producing product videos:

How many products?

Deciding how many products you want to film will help you decide the style of the videos. There’s only so much you can film in a day, so understanding what is achievable in a day will steer your videos in a certain direction. There’s more chance of filming a number of products if you keep the videos simple and film in a studio, rather than hiring out a location and trying to produce lifestyle videos.

Use the best products possible

You’d be surprised how easy this step is overlooked. You’re filming your product and wanting to show it off, so make sure you get your hands on the best possible example you can. The product needs to be clean, shiny, in perfect condition and have no imperfections. The modern day camera, with a good lens, is so crisp that it will pick up everything – good and bad. So make sure to look after the product before the shoot.

Attend the shoot

The video production company will have a good idea of exactly what they need to capture before shoot, due to good pre production, however there may be one thing they don’t know about that you do. After all, they’ll be filming your products. The video production crew will also be focused on getting the right shots, which means they may miss something key – even it’s right in front of them. Attending the shoot you’ll be able to highlight everything that needs to be captured.

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