Why Professional Business Video Production Can Get You Noticed

Business video production is the new phenomenon that is rapidly changing online marketing trends. Film production is not only limited to providing entertainment anymore, but corporate videos have added a new dimension to the meaning and usability to video production, and with recent evidence that Facebook surpassing YouTube by over a billion desktop video views per month it is increasingly clear that getting your videos out to a larger audience is becoming a lot easier for companies.

Marketing video production is swiftly gaining momentum and has emerged as one of the dominant forces in the arena of online marketing. Marketers today, heavily rely on business video production to communicate and engage to their existing and prospective consumers.

To make influential corporate videos, businesses need to understand the value and relevance that the film production holds for online marketing and recognise how effective it can be in getting your company results. This article outlines the importance and relevance of marketing video production for online marketing to help businesses understand its value and effectively gauge their marketing strategies.

Focused and Time efficient

Business video production is a convenient way to convey the most to your consumers in a limited amount of time. Today, most of the consumers seem disinterested in reading text and the attention span of an average consumer has significantly reduced. Corporate videos are a good way to hold the attention of your consumers and convey your message in a short amount of time.

Video Marketing keeps your consumers engaged and attentive throughout the communication process and with auto-play feature on websites like Facebook, your content is being delivered to your audiences and the promotion of your company can improve ten fold.


Film production is a form of marketing which combines entertainment and information. It makes the promotion more engaging and interesting for the consumers, and adding some elements of humour to your video can significantly increase its interest value for the consumers.

Marketing video production is a means to entertain your consumers, inform them about your products and services and communicate your brand values and brand personality.

Colour-social-media-icons-squareIncreased Access

Technology has significantly facilitated businesses to have increased access to their customers. Google, YouTube, Facebook and various other free online video hosting platforms now serve as a means for the dispersal of marketing videos online, considerably increasing their reach to the target consumers. Consider that between July and August 2014, Facebook’s video viewings jumped from 4 billion to 12 billion in one month.

A company account on YouTube, posting videos on your website and creating online video ads are a few effective means for ensuring widespread distribution of marketing videos.

Engaging and Interesting

Visual description of your products and services, through marketing video production is more interesting and engaging for the consumers. They are more attentive to what is being conveyed through the video and there is a better chance that they will be influenced to respond to your call for action.

Engaging and interesting business videos increase your chances of influencing consumer behaviour and multiplying your sales. However with the auto-play feature that Facebook have adopted, finding a way to engage with a video they didn’t actively initiate could be a challenge compared to user-initiated video.


Corporate videos can create a greater influence on the thinking and behaviour of your consumers. A good business video production can effectively convince your existing and prospective consumers to avail your products or services and enhances brand loyalty among them.

You may also seek the assistance of a professional marketing video production company, like Holler, to add value to your online marketing strategy, availing their services to acquire good quality corporate videos which can influence and motivate your consumers and considerably increase your consumer base and sales.


If you want to find out more about social media and video marketing, get in touch with the Holler Team on 020 7112 8665 or email hello@justholler.uk. 

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