Reasons Why You Need A Professional Video Production Company

These days, anyone can make videos. Whether it’s using the camera on your phone and cutting the footage in a free editing app, or opening your laptop and recording a  YouTube tutorial, the technology is now accessible to the point where anyone can produce a video.

So, if all of the above is true, why not just set up a camera on a tripod and create your company’s video yourself? Well, a DIY style corporate video is probably not the best way to enhance your brand, and below are the reasons why we believe you still need a professional video production company.

We Take Care Of Everything

Although it’s a cliché, the phrase ‘time is money’ is true. As video production professionals, we understand the amount of time and level of detail that is required to create a slick corporate video. 

Before attempting to produce a video yourself, you should question what other tasks are going to be neglected by the employees who are assigned to this video project, whilst they climb the steep learning curve that is video production. What may seem an effective option for saving money, may end up costing you more in the long run. In addition, we’ll take away all the inconvenience by travelling to you, and of late we’ve got really good at flying all over the world to reach you.

“By hiring a competent professional video production company like ourselves, you guarantee a level of quality.”


We have the knowledge and experience required to overcome the various hurdles associated with video production that amateurs could be perplexed by.

Moreover, we work very closely with your company so that we can understand exactly how you operate, what you want from your corporate video, and what would be the best representation of your brand from a video standpoint. We have a vast portfolio of experience working with many different types of companies on different types of projects. 95% of our clients return to us for further productions.

Exceptional Quality

By hiring a competent professional video production company like ourselves, you guarantee a level of quality that you are unlikely to be able to achieve by shooting the video yourself.

We always work with industry standard camera and audio recording equipment to capture the best material whilst on location. Then, once we return to Holler HQ, we have bespoke editing suites which are optimised to work seamlessly with the latest software, allowing our professional editors to work quickly and effectively to create your finished product.

Whilst equipment and software is an important part of the video production process, here at Holler we take pride in our exceptional quality of service that accompanies this. We are here to take care of your video production needs from start to finish in order to create the best possible representation of your brand.

If our services are something that you would be interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, for a no obligation chat today.

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