Recruitment Video: What You Need To Know



Recruitment Video:
What You Need To Know

Any business knows that recruitment can be an incredibly long and painful process. Ensuring that you find the right person for your vacancy is something that takes time as well as effort. When it comes to recruitment; the advertisement of your roles is one of the most important steps.

After all, you want to make sure that you present the role in the very best light and ensure that you get people to come to you to apply.

Want to create a different type of recruitment advertisement? Why not make a video instead? We are now finding ourselves in a world whereby social media platforms, and YouTube make posting videos all the easier; meaning that a video can do all the hard work for you.

“You can tailor your video perfectly to who you want to attract.”


Tailor It To Your Target Audience 

There is a very good chance that you are going to know the exact type of people that you want to attract for your role. So make sure that you tailor make your video to appeal to them. Looking for graduates or junior roles? They’re going to be interested in different things when compared to a more experienced worker.

Introduce Your Current Employees

You can always go one further than the above and use a number of your current employees in your video. Ask them to each talk about working for you and you will have some great ambassadors for your company as a place to work. Not only this but prospective candidates will also like the idea of seeing the types of people that could possibly work with should you choose them.

Showcase Why You Are Unique 

Is there something that makes you stand out against other companies? Perhaps it is a beautiful office space, the flexible approach you take to working or maybe some of the fun social events that you organize. Whatever it is, capture it on camera and ensure that it is a feature in your recruitment video. It will give your business a real sense of personality and also ensure that suitable candidates are drawn to you.

Show Off Your Achievements 

Have you recently won an award or perhaps received recognition from a reviewing body as being a great place to work? If you have then why not include this within the video?
It doesn’t have to be a huge segment, but by simply highlighting that you are one of the best in the industry, people will want to join your team!


Here at Holler we know that videos can be powerful marketing tools, but we also know that they can ensure that your business employs the right people to help catapult you to success! All you need to do is ensure that you show your business in the very best light!


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