4 Messages That You Should Replace With High Quality Video Marketing

Have you ever received an email from someone where they have clearly written way too much? You open and think “..there’s no way I’m reading all this”. Well you’re probably not alone. In fact, people have even started putting little disclaimers in the headers, warning people that they’ve written too much.

This all begs the question; why are we wasting time writing things to each other that won’t get read? The answer is pretty simple; it’s because we haven’t got an effective way to communicate all the things we need to say. Why do we still insist on limiting ourselves to one of the oldest forms of communication? There is a much simpler way; video (of course).

“There are so many forms of outdated messages that could be better communicated with video.”

You’ve heard of the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well did you know, according to Forrester, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million. Video is great for simplifying complicated topics because you can fit more information into it. So here are 3 messages that you should be replacing with high quality video production

CEO Messages to Employees

What a lot of people don’t like about emails or letters is that they feel somewhat impersonal. Who’s to know who has actually wrote it?

So rather than a lengthy email or letter, why not get your CEO on camera?

A video message to your employees will be much more effective than a long written piece. It will be more engaging, more likely to hold their attention and it will also feel a lot more personal to the individual.

It will also give you a chance to get creative and drive home any key points with stylish on-screen graphics.

 Walkthroughs or How-Tos

How often to you get a 10-page PDF sent to you to about how to use a new system within the business? How helpful do you actually find it!?

You know what would be much more helpful? A high quality walkthrough or how-to video. This could be anything from a simple screen capture video to a stylish and professional animation to explain a certain process.

That way, people are more likely to actually learn about the subject, rather than constantly needing to refer back to a long PDF.


One thing we’ve all had to sit through is a really long powerpoint-based induction. Whether it’s based on health and safety or if it’s informing people who are new to a site.

Rather than getting people to sit through a long tedious induction process, why not get that all put into a high quality video? You could probably reduce that half hour induction into a 5 minute video. People will be a lot more engaged by the video and will be more likely to take onboard the information they’re being given.

The video will also be better at giving visual examples of what the viewer is being told. It will also be a much better way of getting across consistent information in a simple way. So everyone will be in the same page.

 The Bottom Line…

There are many more types of messages that can be replaced by high quality video marketing. If you want to know more about how professional video can help your company, get in touch with our expert team today.

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