What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Launches 4th September

With the the launch of Samsung’s new smartwatch “Galaxy Gear” only 24 hours away, the tech world is buzzing with rumours surrounding the latest effort to create great wearable-tech.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been gaining attention as a rival to Apple’s iWatch, which is rumoured to be in production, and Sony’s SmartWatch 2, which was released in June.

Over the weekend, VentureBeat released images of what they believe to be a Galaxy Gear prototype (see above), along with a list of specs given to them by a mystery source.

“According to the report, the smartwatch will come pre-loaded with Android applications. Those include exercise and health tools, alongside popular social media apps. None were mentioned by name, but Facebook and Twitter are likely to be shoe-ins.” writes T3’s Ben Furfie.

The Galaxy Gear is rumoured to display notifications from your smartphone, much like many previous smartwatches. “Some analysts think that this does not bode well for Samsung” writes the Telegraph’s Matt Warman, “but those close to Samsung remind critics that there were MP3 players before the iPod, touchscreen phones before the iPhone and tablets before the iPad. Samsung is seeking only to put the thing together in such a way as to offer something that is uniquely appealing.”

It seems that Samsung will be aiming their product towards a health conscious audience. “The watch’s health-and-fitness focus is not all that unexpected, given Samsung’s burgeoning interest in health tracking technology.” says Christina Farr at VentureBeat,  “A source also revealed that a health startup, based in Palo Alto, Calif, has been working with Samsung to develop fitness apps for the watch for several months.”

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for information from the launch, and to see how many of the rumours are to become a reality.

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