Sharing Your Corporate Video on LinkedIn

Anyone who uses social media knows that video is now the key medium driving user engagement. Earlier this year, LinkedIn took the important step of enabling video posts on all company pages. This is an exciting development for the most-widely used social network in business, and means that companies are now able to share native video that will autoplay on mobile and desktop feeds.

We are keen to provide advice on how to get the best results from LinkedIn’s new feature, to ensure your content receives the exposure it deserves, and reaches the desired audience.

Read on for some quick tips about how to best optimise your videos for LinkedIn, and boost those all important engagement stats:

Keep it Short

It is now widely acknowledged that you only have seven seconds to capture a viewer’s attention with social content, or they are likely to become disinterested and continue scrolling down a feed. People lead busy lives, so try not to demand too much of their time to deliver your key messages. Forget opening with your company logo on screen for the first five seconds, and instead include a high-energy opening montage, followed by a maximum of 1-2 minutes of slick and creative corporate video. This is almost guaranteed to increase viewer engagement.

“You only have seven seconds to capture a viewer’s attention.”

Graphics and subtitles

According to research by LinkedIn, “only around a third of people watching video on mobile always have the sound on.” Therefore, adding graphics and/or subtitles to your corporate video content is absolutely essential, to guide the audience through the video. Exciting graphics can also grab the viewer’s attention early on and help to improve audience engagement for your corporate video.

Quality v Quantity

When it comes to social media, there is a fine balance between posting too often, and posting too little. While it is advised to post video content daily on many social networks, LinkedIn is a more professional environment, meaning you should post only the highest-quality content. One or two video posts per week is sufficient, and enough to establish your company’s presence.

Be creative and original

Corporate audiences are likely to engage with their LinkedIn feed outside of office hours, whilst commuting, or in the evenings for example. Creating content that is humorous, and has the ability to make people laugh is far more likely to cut through the corporate clutter than a traditional company video with talking heads. Be mindful of your audience however, and ensure that the content remains professional.

Bring in the professionals

As tempting as it may be to shoot and edit corporate video content using your smartphone, the results will invariably be highly disappointing and inefficient in terms of both time and cost. Filming video in portrait rather than landscape, bad audio and poor editing are all frequent mistakes made when producing video content in-house.

Why not give us a call ? Here at Holler, we produce consistently high-quality video for major PLCs worldwide, and are always on-hand to provide advice about how to best optimise the content we create for your company social channels. Get in touch on 020 7112 8665 for a no obligation chat.

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