Should I Be Posting Corporate Video to My Business’ Social Media?

In the year 2018, everyone is aware of social media, and the vast majority of people use and interact with one another on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to name a few. However, few people are actually aware just how much of a powerful tool video can be, when used correctly in conjunction with social media.

So, why should your business be using video as part of it’s social media marketing strategy?


Video is a far more memorable form of marketing than other, more conventional mediums, and easier for consumers to engage with. You often have less than a second to stop the viewer scrolling past your content, so choosing a strong and visually striking thumbnail or opening frame is particularly important to boost those all important engagement statistics. Once a viewer has been hooked, the video should continue with a high-energy opening montage, before proceeding to delivering the key messages.

“Businesses that use video across their website and social media channels are experiencing revenue growth just shy of 50% faster than companies that don’t


On average, businesses that use video across their website and social media channels are experiencing revenue growth just shy of 50% faster than companies that don’t. Of course, there may be other mitigating factors, but that figure is eye-catching enough for any company to at least give video a try. Taking into account the ROI of video, the barriers to entry are not as high as people may believe.


If looking for a product or service, generally the first place that any individual or business looks is Google, the world’s largest search engine. This means that Search Engine Optimisation has become all-important for businesses. The higher a company’s listing is on Google, the more chance it has of being found by potential clients. Hosting a relevant corporate video production on your website means that your chances of appearing on the first page of Google are over 50 times more likely. Video is now particularly important, given that YouTube (coincidentally owned by Google), is the world’s second largest search engine, behind it’s parent company.

Brand Loyalty

Watching video stimulates important areas of the brain, meaning that viewer’s are more engaged than they perhaps would be when viewing other mediums of advertising and promotion. Without even realising, audiences develop strong affiliation with brands when seeing and hearing logos, colours and key messages. Increased brand recognition is important for any business, meaning video has now become an essential requirement for both large enterprises and SMBs.


The cheapest, fastest, and most effective way to tell a strong story about your business is by using video. Whether this be a company video, explainer animation, or an increasingly popular testimonial video, video is the best way to excite potential clients about your products and services.

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