Show Viewers What They Want To See

A new viewing experience has been developed that allows the narrative to change depending on how the audience react both physically and emotionally to what they’ve seen.

The technique requires several different versions of the film to be made, and four audience members, each linked up to different sensors monitoring heart rate, brain waves, perspiration and muscle tension. Monitoring the viewers reactions means that if the viewer becomes tense, the film can change to a more relaxing scene, ultimately giving the audience exactly what they want to see. The film also features a soundtrack that can change based on the mood of the audience. If the viewers appear bored and restless, the music can change in tone or pace to create the desired emotional reaction.

Although the technology currently works for very small audiences, creator Alexis Kirke isĀ optimisticĀ and thinks that it could one day expand to an entire cinema audience.

“One day we may be able to put a camera at the front of the cinema to pick up the arousal of the entire audience” – Kirke (Source: BBC)

Imagine if you could change your corporate marketing video to suit the reaction of the viewer, and ensure an investment or a new customer by showing them exactly what they wanted to see.

Unfortunately, Kirke’s experimental work is currently unavailable for use by the public, however, there is something you can do to ensure your corporate video is enjoyable:

Think like an audience member.

When watching your video back, think about whether it is engaging – Is it the right length? Is the music right? We may be a long way off being able to change our corporate videos as the audience watches them, but you can pre-empt how others may react by putting yourself in the audience’s shoes.

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