Showcase your employees with Holler. Your employees are your biggest resource and advocates. Forbes even suggest they are more important than your customers! They are at the heart of all the goings on within an organisation and wield an incredible amount of power.

By harnessing your employees’ experience and stories, you can build trust from within the organisation which ingrains itself into your customer relationships. Whether it is recruitment videos, testimonials, , internal comms, onboarding or training videos, featuring your staff is empowering for both brand and employee. It illustrates trust and autonomy.


We at Holler work with many brands and their employees across many sectors. We understand that the camera can make even the most confident person self-conscious or nervous. Therefore we have a number of techniques to help coach even the shyest people and encourage them out of their shell. Above all, it is our aim to make all on-camera contributors feel at ease. A relaxed and calm shooting environment allows unique characters to reveal themselves and engaging comments to flow.



The Production Guild of Great Britain states that, under new lockdown rules for England & Scotland, “TV, film & video production can continue”.

Our client and crew safety is paramount. Therefore our set of strict COVID-safe procedures assure safety, without sacrificing quality. These include sanitising of equipment prior to the shoot; maintaining social distancing measures and limiting touchpoints on-set. Meanwhile, all crews have undertaken training in COVID-safety to ensure all on-set feel confident and comfortable to do carry out their best work.



Employee Videos create transparency and trust, just take a look below for some examples.



Want to unleash your employees’ potential? Got an idea but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Get in touch with Holler today and let us showcase your employees.